Today I will present a little bit where we are and where we going. Today is also a little bit of a one year anniversary since we started the hard core development. We celebrate this with a new release  – Portplays 0.3.9 Alpha released on Oct 1 2017

Here is some new features in this release:

  • Personalize theme settings.(beta)
  • Create message board messages
  • A new feed system is in place that lets user follow what´s going on in the Portplays community
  • The new feed system by default follows the current address your on when your on it.
  • Many new visual design changes and theme color changes 
  • Overall stability is increased
  • The Notification system will tell you about what´s going on at your favorite port

We are working on a date when we can say that the game will start. As of today we can say it will be around 2019 but depending on how the team evolves and progress nothing is written in stone. 

Portplays will up to the game start work as expected and users can create and administrate there ports as normal. When game start it will run in parallel or one could even say it will run on a another level independent.

The number of address´s you own will be reset on game start(legacy=o). The value of a single address depends on how tall the house is. The taller (number of floors) the cheaper it will be to administrate.  The value of a single address also depends on where it´s located in what economically strong or week region. The value of the address will also depends on the ranking it gets. 

Based on this the commodity system that the PortPlay game now will become will let you buy, sell and collect addresses.  The value of a single address is among all setting the price for becoming the address administrator.

And as always remember until Portplays is official launched the stability is not the best. 

And as always remember Portplays is a giant experiment

And as always remember you get 50% of all income a single address generates if you are the first one going to the address.

If you are interested in collaborating with us please don´t hesitate to make contact and have a chat.

Thanks to all helpers and testers wanted to say kiss and hugs but that would have sounded corny 🙂

/ Dennis Larsen led designer

Portplays Cwdo, Ltd  

So finally after a year of preparation and 7 month hands on we can finally show a functional prototype. What we present is not a fully functional PortPlays app but instead an Alpha build that misses a lot of core functionality. We hope you try it so we can get test data and continue the development. 

At this stage PortPlays and the Android app can do following:

  • Search for and create addresses in Sweden, Denmark and United States, 
  • Chat with does addresses.
  • User get chat notification from already visited addresses.
  • If you are the first one going to an address then the legacy information is saved only for internal us.
  • Personalize theme settings.

Remember until Portplays is official launched,  this is an early Alpha build and it will get reset often, that means your legacy address status will get wiped! So if you want to test it, just play around, chat and do what you want so we can get data.

When PortPlays is fully operational here are hopefully some of it´s features:

  • The game has started and last for few years.
  • Every address you are the first one going to, you will own and be legacy owner for 5 years
  • Every address you are the first one going to you will get 50% of all income that address generates
  • An address can now be administrated and personalized for a small fee maybe 1kr (one Swedish krona) a month, 12 kr a year.
  • Billboard or PortBoards as we call them can be used at every address to post flyers like “I can walk your dog” or “Party on Friday expect noice”
  • Sell, trade and exchange addresses
  • Joining address competitions.
  • Competing with other addresses
  • Participating in neighbor hood watch.
  • The competition awareness layer or CAL for short is doing it´s magic by pushing address Admins to be better
  • Pushing toward country and nation width sustainability awareness
  • Access PortPlays from a web browser
  • Access PortPlays from Iphone
  • International voting systems where addresses are the voter
  • and more..

As this project is not a small project and what we know today is that nothing like this has ever been attempted before. We can not say much about the future more then this hole project is an experiment. We hope people will use this tool to get there address organized. We hope gamers find this concept of gaming fun and help PortPlays into becoming a reality.

After all the addresses where we live are important and valuable and for that we should protect them by getting organized!


/ Erik Hellberg

Portplays Cwdo, Ltd    (btw, Cwdo stands for, communicating with dead objects, we thought that was cool:))