The legacy game and address tool

CWDO, Communicating with dead objects Ltd bring you PortPlays


With PortPlays you can go to your address or any other address in the entire world and claim it as your own. PortPlays creates virtual addresses and everything is customizable.

But please hurry up before someone else claim your street address!

For the first time ever with PortPlays every street address on our planet has a public face and can now be administered for whatever reason. If you think your address at where you live now, when it has become virtually public to anyone on the planet is worth protecting, you can claim it and become the administrator, You can even rename it to something cool.


You earn 50% of all income an address generates if you are the first person to go to an address. You will then be the legacy owner for the remaining play time. There is no limit on how many legacy addresses you can own. The game will last for five years and when the game ends all legacy rights are redrawn and the game start over. During game time there are many competitions over high-score tables and between individual Ports. There will of course be competition over who has the most addresses in a variety of categories and much more..

 Addresses are ranked by certen criteria like, if a building has only one floor it´s expensive to become administrator and the players hunting legacy will of course want to own this places, remember legacy owner gets 50% of what the administrator pay each month. Buildings that have many floors like residential buildings will cost lesser and lesser depending on the building height, number of floors. A part of a town considered wealthy where middle income is high, here to become an address administrator will be expensive, and wise verse at a lower income area in the city, the admin cost is cheaper. and much more..


Are you about to move to a new address? Now you can use PortPlays to check the address out. You can post messages to the address. You can chat with the address. You can anonymously get information from the address. Are you an apartment building owner! With PortPlays your house has a new public face and hurry up to administrate it if you like.



PortPlays community starts when someone first goes to an address and therefore creates it.

From there it´s up to the occupants at the address to do something with the community. Available tools are chat, message board, billboard, news and forums.. mm



This is our history and philosophy. The company CWDO, Ltd was created to support the PortPlays and PortPlays was created as a thought experiment. The experiment was like an equation that did not even out like, many people+grouped together = organized. But we could not see that the equation even out because there was not that much of organization happening. Even do at many addresses there could be like 20+ people living, so what was wrong!

That’s´s why we started the company CWDO which stand for – Communicating with dead objects.

We needed something new and interesting that would attract new thought and new ways to lock outside of the box. Something that asked questions rather then accepting answers.




Our philosophy is that human is happy if human is part of a group of other humans.

That means for us that if there is a group of people and they are not organized,  then human is not happy and will for that always be remanded of not being able to be close! That is painful and that is one of the incent for creating PortPlays.

If an ide is presented then people love to do things together!,

and that´s why we created PortPlays. After all we live at the same address for maybe a long time and we do say hello in the elevator.

We believe that there is a big wast of humanities finest moments going to wast when we look att addresses!

that’s why we want to try to open this box of community and bring people together. This is our philosophy and the base for our core values. We also like Eco friendliness and that´s why we will build into PortPlays the CAL, -competition awareness layer of Eco sustainable living and more…


In the beginning of this project we needed some form of spark to get the PortPlays ide going. We knew also that people was not going to pick up on this all on there own like it was a cool idea. We needed something special and something that at the same time puts the spotlight on PortPlays, and at the same time sparks an interest among many people.

We needed a game!

The game and the PortPlays are two complete separate entities who live there lives separate . We did not invent the game to make money. We invented the game so you can make money while our ide comes to life. This mathematical symbios is something we have not been able to predict the outcome of at this early stage of development, simply because there isn’t any previous data available to look at.

We are the first in doing this social experiment involving billion addresses and the same amount of people.


PortPlays is a tool that put the spotlight on something as stale as addresses right!, and PortPlays will try to squeeze the best out of every address on the planet. This is important because this is about our lives and our immediate surroundings. That´s why we at PortPlays created the CAL – competition awareness layers. When a Port is created it gets presented to be part of many CAL`s.

 The point with CAL is to provoke addresses into being better!

A typical CAL is like an “I dare you!”” type of provocation where the Port is attacked with a challenge like being more Eco friendly or not! or presenting how many occupants at the address is in the roaster. The CAL is a game in the game so to speak and along side CAL is a ranking system that in the end will give an address a score, a value.  Our addresses where we live att are valuable, and now PortPlays will write that in Stone!



We are in the process of creating an Android app to interact with PortPlays. The app can be download here but it´s an Early Alpha version so expect interruptions. PortPlays is at this stage of development unstable and experimental. You can install this version if you feel you would like to help to test and develop the PortPlays. Stability can not be guaranteed and the app can at any time be totally restored. If you’re not feeling adventurous you can wait for a more stable version. As usual if you experience bugs and errors you can email us thanks. Take a look in the Blog to read more about this! 


But please hurry up before someone else claim your street address!